Commercial units

AHAS commercial unit design team is fully proficient in designing your unit based on your land configuration. We will also be assisting you during the construction and during the unit startup. 

Our team will pass on to you all knowledge we have acquired over the last few years, from seeding to harvesting. 

Our units are based on the success of AHA Aquaponics Farm. We design fit for purpose units optimised the size and shape of your land. Please contact us

Our units size range vary from big backyard of just a few MIT and 300 fish, to large multi-unit commercial units of hundreds of MIT and tens of thousands fish. 

Big backyard or small commercial unit?

Such unit made of 2 lines of 10 MIT45 for tall plants production and 2 lines of 10 MIT90 for short plants.It and designed to host 100 tomato like plants and 1500 salads. It can produce produce over 5kg of salad and 3kg of tomato per day. The expected payout time is 24 months and the estimated yearly return on investment is 50%. 

Commercial unit made or 4 separate AHAS units

Such farm is made of 4 separate AHAS units hosting each 3750 salads or equivalent small plants and 275 tomato like tall plants.

The whole farm has a production potential of over 50kg of salad and 30kg of tomato per day. The expected payout time is under 23 months and the estimated yearly return on investment is over 53%.

Hybrid MIT - NFT Commercial unit

In suitable climate, plants like strawberry can be added in a AHAS unit using gravel NFT. This farm is designed to produce a mix of salads, tomatoes, and strawberries. Such unit would host 2700 salads, 140 tomato plants, and over 1000 strawberry plants.

We can help you designing and building your commercial Aquaponics farm

Please email us your commercial Aquaponics objectives and requirements. We generally start with a survey of the land for available area, and slope if any. We will be delighted to assist you designing, building, and operating a similar success than us in our AHA Aquaponics Farms 

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