Our Commercial Unit

AHAS Co., Ltd has built and operates a commercial unit in Pak Chong in Nakon Ratchasima, where by a 900m2 unit is producing freshly grown vegetables everyday, for local restaurants.

AHAS and in conjunction with Asia Aquaponic Hardware Asia, can assist you in any size of commercial unit you may require. We are just a phone call or Email away.

We can provide assistance to suit your needs and a comprehensive quotation to show every break down in the price. Whether you use your own exsuisting greenhouse/warehouse or have something purposely built, we are here to help.

AHA Pak Chong showroom greenhouse in located notheast Bangkok, Thailand. 

Check out the location of  AHA Aquaponics Greenhouse on google map. 

This unit is used to continously test various systems and optimise both commercial and backyard Aquaponics Systems designs.

AHAs first unit in Thailand

Because nothing beats knowlwedge aquired through personnal experience, we built our first Aquaponics unit ourselves. 

We learned about the good, the bad, and the ugly, learned from the bad and the ugly, and improved the good to be the best. We learned how to optimize the construction of an efficient aquaponics greenhouse. We learned about the minimum requirements, about the nice to have, and about the non required equipment.

AHA Pak Chong showroom unit construction started in January 2017. The land was prepared and the greenhouse was erected while the main components of the system were put in place.

Greenhouse construction

First the filtration system, the nursery, the mineralization tank, and 3 Deep Water Culture grow beds were then built. 

Since the AHAs Modular Infinity Tank system was still under development, the DWC lines were built with galvanized steel, composite concrete boards, and plastic liners. It took over a week of 3 people to assemble one 25m long line instead of just a few hours with MIT, but at time we had no other choice. 

Fish were introduced late February.

In March 2017, about 6 weeks into the build, the nursery and the first 3 DWC lines were populated, with various plants, such as lettuce and tomatoes. As seen below in the pictures we had fantastic growth and results. 

We experienced high quality and the amazing taste of the plants grown aquaponically. 

In April 2017, like other greenhouses in the region, AHA greenhouse was hit by the heat wave. 

After a few weeks of observation, design, and equipment outsourcing, we built the cooling wall system and could maintain the temperature inside the greehouse under 32degC.  

The system was then the host of various experiments on several plants. 

Our water filtration system was efficient, but required manual intervention ( cleaning). Once we had optimised and collected all information required about this manual cleaning option, the automatic filtration system was built. 

We can offer both manual and automatic optimised filter systems to our Customers.

The AHA Pak Chong showroom can be visited anytime. 

Search for AHA Aquaponics Greenhouse on google map. 

Please also do not hesitate to contact us should you need any assistance from us. 


Construction slide Show

Results slide Show

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