Our Technical Experience

The internet is loaded of aquaponics “experts” who have not built or run any commercial size systems ever 

At Aquaponics Hardware Asia, we have been learning from other people experiences and from years of research in Universities, but we have also validated our learnings through our own experiments over the last few years. We believe in simplicity. We believe that nature has invented Aquaponics long before us and we are simply trying to reproduce what nature does. 

Over the last 3 years, AHA has built and operated 2 aquaponics labs and 1 commercial unit.

One lab is operating in north Bangkok area, its purpose is to test various types of equipment. Such as: various growing media, filtration systems, mineralization systems, oxygenation systems, which are all being continuously & regularly tested. 

The other lab has been built in Balikpapan, Kalimantan, Indonesia. Its purpose is to optimise the aquaponics growing process from seeding to harvesting. Study fish and plant behaviour in different environments, and push the limits of aquaponics to grow plants in unconventional climate environment, for example strawberries in a hot climate. 

AHA has developped the Modular Infinity Tank based on all learnings aquired in these two labs. Our objective is to bring a simple, easily installed, and efficient system to everyone, for both backyard and commercial aquaponics applications. 

Please see the next pages for more details on the Pak Chong Commercial Unit and both Bangkok and Indonesia labs.

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