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Food is a demand no matter what time or place, and with the world population growing at an all time fastest, demand for food is higher than ever. AHA Services aims to promote and provide quick and easy methods to grow healthy and pesticide free food for anyone in their own backyard and commercial farms through AHAponics technology in hopes to increase global healthy agricultural production.


We started in 2015, with backyard aquaponics in Bangkok Thailand and Balikpapan Indonesia. These were the test sites and the laboratories for the flagship commercial unit build in 2017 in Pak Chong Thailand. About 2 hours from Bangkok (https://goo.gl/maps/xcgf8MoM1Pp).


2017 REGIS



Co Founder and Company Director. 

Generalist Mechanical Engineer specialized in fluid mechanics with a Master degree’s in Engineering from French Arts et Métiers institute. 

Besides managing the AHAS Group, Regis is the AHAponic system designer. Regis is the MIT CAD designer.  

Regis was first introduced to Aquaponics in 2013 by Dr Jean-Yves Mevel, and he has been studying the systems for many years prior to launching AHAS. 

Regis has developed the AHAponic system during 3 years or research and experiments on hydraulics, filtration and system balance in the Bangkok Lab. prior to building the AHA Aquaponics Farm commercial system. 



Co Founder and Company Director.

Neil ensures the AHAs operations and activities are run smoothly and efficiently.

Neil is ready to help you with all your questions so that you can succeed in your aquaponic dream

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Amit Nautiyal

AHA Malaysia General Manager

MBA International Marketing. Over 25 years of work experience in multiple domain. Specialises in global marketing and business development

Amit strongly believes in sustainability, creating awareness and demand for chemical free healthy food solutions. 

Amit is committed to promote Aquaponics in the region.



Social Media Director, Channel 8 consultant. press review.



Manages the activities at the AHA Aquaponic Farm in Pak Chong, from seeding, planting, aquaculture maintenance. 

Patcha is dedicated to help you build your aquaponic dream in Thailand.

Deva copy


Indonesia Manager

Deva has a degree in Hospitality Business Management. 

Deva is managing Pinky Aquaponic. Deva loves and lives for aquaponics. She has spent the last three years learning, building AHAponics units, practicing, and experimenting on the growth of many plants in Aquaponics environment. 

Deva can assist you with any plant related issues. She is dediacted to help you build and startup your unit, learn all aquaponics processes, and succeed in your aquaponic projects.

Dr Jean-Yves Mevel

External Consultant

Dr. Mevel is a Worldwide Expert in aquaculture who has spent the last 10 years studying Aquaponics in various universities. He is currently developing an Aquaponics unit in Laos. Dr Mevel assists in designing major projects. 

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