We are engineers and aquaponics experts who believe everyone should have access to naturally grown chemical-free food.

Aquaponics Hardware Asia (AHA Service Co Ltd) offers:

  • šPurposely designed equipment for both backyard and commercial aquaponics systems
  • šAssistance in building and starting up commercial aquaponics systems
  • šAssistance in aquaponics unit maintenance
  • Aquaponics production rate lab tests, should you want to evaluate a production rate for a specific product. 

Our expertise is based on both theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in our laboratories and production units.

Our patented Modular Infinity Tanks, can be assembled in minutes. This MIT can cut your commercial aquaponics units construction time by weeks. A 25 meter long Deep Water Culture line can be built in a couple of hours instead of week if you choose other construction techniques like plastic lined cement or steel and boards. It can also be disassembled and moved as fast. 

AHAS MIT can also be used as both Deep Water Culture growing media and fish tanks in backyard aquaponic gardens. No external piping is required. Your new aquaponics system will be up and running in just a few hours. 

Why not add a MIT system to your existing fish ponds, to help reduce algae, reduce your nitrate concentrations and help filter your water naturally? It will also provide a means to grow healthy, chemical free vegetables in your MIT    

The AHA Services Team provides assistance to design and build commercial aquaponics farm. We carry on our support by helping you to optimize your overall process from seeding to harvesting. We offer various business models based on equipment purchase and rental.  

We will also share our years of experience and offer our technical assistance to all our new customers. 

Our mission is to assist you in succeeding in you aquaponics adventure.   

AHA-AHAs co ltd Team

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